Key Skills:

  •   Installation

This is an invitation exhibition. And I am also very interested in the space of this exhibition. It is in an old police station and the work is presented in the prison. Also, the light is very dark in this environment. So I chose my work "Exist" to participate in this exhibition, and then I put the work on the hard bed. This work expresses the concept of solidifying time and things in the past, so this work is also very suitable for combining prison space, because prison is like a space that can solidify time. Their freedom is restricted, and external time and memory are suspended for them.

It is very important to consider how the work is related to space in an exhibition, and it is also a new attempt for me to exhibit in the prison space, so I also improved my ability to install the work through this experience.


Place: The Old Police Station

Address: 114 Amersham Vale, New Cross, London SE14 6LG