Key Skills:

  •   Interaction

  •   Communication 

  •   Cooperation

  •   Combine exhibition theme



Address: Bankside, London SE1 9TG

Clips are my collaborative work. My collaborator is a fine art student in Central Saint Martins, but in fact our research direction is very different, so how to blend our creative style has become the most important part. So at the beginning of the creation, we first discussed the theme, style and timeline of the work. Then we discuss the controversial points and analyze our advantages. For example, he is good at expressing ideas through the details in the video scene, while I am good at controlling the whole and making the video works logical. After going through these processes, our production stage became very smooth, and we also played our advantages in the works.

Because the form of this exhibition is the workshop, and its theme is "sale". Therefore, we added some forms of interaction with the audience around the theme "sale" in this creation. In our video works, we print the video images of each second into postcards and arrange them in order. We will sell these cards in chronological order. Besides, we will edit based on the sales records. The sold image will disappear in the video, and then the video will disappear until all the cards are sold. So in this exhibition, I also effectively improved my ability to recommend my work to the audience and how to interact with the audience.