"DEEP WELL"    Year: 2019    Medium: wood, paper, fabric   Dimension: 6 shelves(each:660x80x480mm)


22. 02. 2019 - 24. 02. 2019

Place: Ugly Duck Gallery

Address: 49 Tanner St, London, SE1 3PL

In this exhibition, my work is located in the attic of the space. The vertical space in the attic and the dim natural light gives me a good display condition. Therefore, the light and shadow I projected attracted many visitors to stay next to my work, and some visitors walked in the middle of my work to reflect the shadow on themselves. Thanks to the participation of the visitors, the concept of my work are more complete because of the participation of the visitors. When the shadow of the visitor overlaps with the fake person I created, it also means that the real identity has begun to have a relationship with the virtual environment I created.