Place: The Crypt Gallery London

Address: 165 Euston Rd, Bloomsbury, London NW1 2BA

  •   Cooperation

  •   Installation

  •   Communication

  •   Research

Key Skills:

In this exhibition I joined the installation team and the entire team worked very well. We held group meetings on both online (WhatsApp) and at school. Joana sorted out the timeline and the things that need to be prepared for us all. Each of us has a different work. On the day of the set up exhibition, Joana and Wenjing transported everyone’s work to the van at school. Others and I will wait for the unloading at crypt.


During the installation process, our team members assisted the artists who attended the installation and helped the artists who had not arrived to install. During the installation process, we found that the position of some artists' works could not present her works well, so we helped her communicate with the members of the curatorial group, and exchanged, and finally solved this problem successfully. .


At the end of the exhibition, members of our team dismantled the work together and finally loaded the van, we were obviously more skilled than the time of the exhibition. In the process, many other members of the group participated, and the finishing work was completed very quickly.

Installation team member: Zhaoran Meng, Jiangzhen Feng, Joana Passos de Almeida, Wenjing Fan, Maria Ines Maia, Zebra Zhang

In this exhibition, I not only learned to unite and cooperate with everyone, but also I have gained a lot in art practice. For example, I began to consider the relationship between space and work.


In the work “I think, therefore I am”, I regard the work itself and the space as one. Crypt is usually used as a storage sacred object and buried people who have passed away, so I incorporated the concept of disappearance and concealment into my work and use it to express the "conscious world" that is real and illusory.

"I THINK, THEREFORE I AM"      Year: 2019     Medium: wood, fabric      Dimension: Space: 115cm x 83cm x 120cm