In my next plan, I will apply for artist residency projects in other countries next year, and I will think more about integrating the work into natural spaces, rather than just restricting it to gallery space. On the one hand, it can bring more possibilities to my creation. On the other hand, because the resident project will provide accommodation and studios for artists, it can reduce my financial pressure and continue to create.

After the residency project, I will apply for an artist assistant and work for two years. This part of my experience is to understand the operation mode of a mature artist studio. Besides, in my future work, I will seek the work of art museums or art schools to solve my financial support, which can keep me in an environment with an artistic atmosphere.

Furthermore, I will participate in more group exhibitions; the purpose is that I can more understand my creative ability because when I communicate in the exhibition, I will understand whether my work concept and style are unique. After this, I need to overcome my psychological state and dare to recommend my work to others, and to seeking interdisciplinary collaboration; it can bring me more possibilities. My goal is to continue to accumulate works in the next 5 to 10 years, and I have a solo exhibition.