Face of light

Year: 2020

Medium: video installation

Length: 120 minutes 

The feathers wrapped the flames, and sometimes the wind blew and shook it. It is like a candle in the forest. The composition of these two types of materials makes me feel nervous and uneasy. I fear that the flames will burn all the feathers. But at the same time, its light makes me feel comfortable because the faint light illuminates the whole dark area. My feelings are constantly switching between these two states, but these two feelings maybe my misjudgments.


We often rely on vision to explore reality, but sometimes vision deceives us, and it causes us some illusions. In this work, I use a screen to simulate the burning of candles around feathers. The form of candles and light seems to be real; it gives us some illusions. So I use this method to explore the unreality of consciousness.