Invisible world

Year: 2020

Medium: newspaper


During COVID-19, I lived in London. During this time, the schools, transportation, restaurants, and shopping malls were gradually closed. The UK implemented the lockdown policy. Therefore, during this time, I have always known about this changing world through the news.


When I broke away from the news and then looked around me again, I found that the news event no longer exists. All I can see is the room I am familiar with, and everything here is very calm. The events in the news may seem very real, but in fact, it is more like the plot in the story for me.


I started to use these times to weave these messages every day. These messages are like an invisible net, and always tell me “stay home, save lives”. This also means that it has become my full impression of the current world in these three months.

3D Draft

When the work is installed in the gallery space, the back of the box is opened. Everyone can take a copy of my newspaper for reading.


Timeline and Budget





Continue to study the theme of "reality" and combine my own experience to explain my point.

1.  Find the direction of the theme of my work and start researching my theme      

2. Read related books and form my concept

3. Start to research and practice the material

1. Start to enter the production stage of the work        

2. Continue to research according to the changes and problems in the production stage

1. The production stage of the work

2. Create a new newspaper from the information I collected


Completion of creation, combing creative ideas and information


1. Subscribe to the Times newspaper for 26 pounds per month for a total of 78 pounds for three months

2. Order white boxes and background cloth. 34 pounds


3. Print 100 newspapers (will be used in future exhibitions) 150 pounds Total 262 pounds


Are we seeing information about the world every day is real?

Every day we know about what is happening in the world through the news. In the news dissemination, not all objective facts can be grasped and recognized by journalists or anyone. It is difficult for us to discern its authenticity.


From the philosophy perspective, a metaphysical perspective causes the “news truth” theoretical dilemma. Since ancient Greek times, people have tried to find general principles from individual things, to discover invisible rules from visible things, to eliminate phenomena and opinions, and to continue to seek eternity and absoluteness.

So during this time, I likened my state to the cavemen metaphorize by Plato. Due to the special COVID-19 lockdown, I stayed at home every day. The news newspaper is like the shadow of the world I see, or it can be said that it is my entire impression of the world during this time.

For example, the allegory of the cave presented in Plato ’s republic.


In Plato ’s metaphor, the walls in the cave are the “visible world”, the prisoners gradually come out, and the process of approaching the sun step by step is the logical process of “look beyond appearance for the essence”, which is a basic model to eliminate sensory disturbances and reach the truth through rational ability.


So from the perspective of philosophical epistemology, although human beings can understand the world, there is a distinction between high-level and low-level

Materials Research

I chose to read the news from the newspaper rather than the Internet for the way to get these "impressions" Because everyone can express their opinions and ideas on social media, so when people accept the information itself, they are often influenced by the text of their friends' reposting and commenting, which will also affect their independent judgment on the news.


Therefore, the vigilance of fake news is reduced. In contrast, the news in the newspaper will allow you to rule out more interference.

During this time, I read the news every day, and I found that it affects my emotions every day.

The 2020 news is more about COVID-19. I read them every day and stay at home. These events are like the storylines in the book, and then I feel these stories. When I put away the newspaper, I looked around me again, the news event disappeared, all I could see was my room, everything here was calm.

In my work, I use the newspaper as the medium of my work. In this environment, I weaved the information I collected. These newspapers like a net to block me and made me tell myself to stay at home. So I slowly discovered that in the process of weaving newspapers, I have gradually formed my "impression environment".

In this process, I compared The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Metro, and London Evening Standard.

Finally, after considering the content, political orientation, and authority of the newspaper, I chose The Times as my main medium for reading and collecting information.

So I gradually began to think about whether our feelings are controlled and influenced by the media during our daily reading of information?

The answer is yes. In this process, I studied McLuhan ’s theory. He proposed that "The medium is the message", and the content of this message is usually another medium. This medium will create another environment around people, and our feelings also form our different perceptions and experiences. This can be felt on the other side.


As the psychologist Carl Jung said, “Every Roman was surrounded by slaves. The slave and his psychology flooded ancient Italy, and every Roman became inwardly, and of course unwittingly, a slave. Because living constantly in the atmosphere of slaves, he became infected through the unconscious with their psychology. No one can shield himself from such an influence.”

3 Days                                    15 Days                               57 days                              90 days


In this work, I transformed the text in the news to my impression of the world. It is a transformation from tangible to intangible. So it reminds me of water, which exists in my cup and the air. Then I started to observe the form of water and combined it with the newspaper.

Besides, I also experimented with the method of weaving newspapers