Year: 2020

Medium: video

Length: 2.58 minutes 

Childhood is like an amusement park. At that time, we see a very limited range and the society was very simple. But when I grew up, I see the complex side of society and human nature. So I discover that there are no more fairy tales in my life.


So now I am often stuck in my own thinking. What do I want to have? Is it money? Is more freedom? Is it a sense of accomplishment? . In fact, it is not, I just want to delete these words from my mind. If there are no such words in the world, will the world be better and simpler?

If we have a dream that we haven't woken up in our lifetime, is this dream still a dream? Perhaps everyone will dream of an amusement park in a fairy tale from childhood to old age. It is as dreamy as Disney, sweet as Macaron, romantic as a carousel, and fleeting like a roller coaster.

When we first went to an amusement park as a child, we were not only surprised by the wonder and fun of the amusement park, we were also full of curiosity in this world. When the characters in the dream appear in this realistic scene, the carousel, castle, and elf cup in the amusement park make us feel like we are in a real fairy tale world.

But when I grew up, and when I knew this false world, I tried to accept the hypocrisy of the real world, and then I found that there were no fairy tales in my life. But when I return to the amusement park, that kind of innocence, romance, and happiness will never return to my life.

Life is like an amusement park, like a game. When we continue to think about the meaning and value of life, but how many things are worth repeating. What can we change when we wake up? Are attributes set when we are born?

So I started to ask myself constantly, whether we meet anyone is just the plot of the game development? How should we play our role? Or in fact, our choice is not our choice; perhaps all this is just accidental. Maybe everyone's script is different. We have too many choices in our lives, so did I choose my life, or did my life choose me?